Aaron Cox

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Over the last 20+ years I've had the opportunity to refine my skills by taking on a variety of roles such as, Lead Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Photographer and Program Director. I have been working for small to medium sized companies my entire life, so I have become a professional at wearing dozens of hats. I guess you could call me a "Small Business Expert".

My current role as a Digital Marketer has allowed me to meet hundreds of business owners and guide them on the best digital marketing strategies to improve their online presence. This has not only strengthened my skills as a digital marketing expert, but also enhanced my ability to communicate, present and work with teams. My strongest asset is that I have always maintained a hybrid skill set focused on creativity, marketing and tech. Working in the small business environment has been the driving force behind my passion for project management, multi-tasking and staying organized. I love working in fast-paced environments that are both challenging and educational.